Standalone Visual Editor for web experimentation

Build and run visual experiments on top of Launch Darkly, Split, Statsig and more.

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You shouldn’t be spending big bucks on a tool to experiment with button colors, CTA’s, headings and images. The sunsetting of Google Optimize has left a hole in the marketing experimentation space and there are few alternatives.

Bowie is a standalone visual editor that can be paired with your experimentation platform of choice. You can build visual treatments in Bowie, configure test activation conditions, and then analyze the test using your platform’s analysis tools.


Bowie is installed as lightweight <script> tag which has minimal impact on your pagespeed. The script is delivered via globally distributed CDNs to ensure optimal page performance and no downtime.


Bowie platform integrates with your preferred experimentation platform to scaffold tests automatically. Connect your Bowie project to a dedicated workspace in Launch Darkly, Split, Statsig and more.

Built for the web

Build visual treatments in our visual editor and configure test activation based on common web behaviors and properties such as url changes, dynamic page elements, device types, cookies, new vs. return users and more.

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